About company “RIGHT SOLUTION”

Right Solution is a project with foreign investments specializing in the geological study of amber deposits, extraction of mineral resources, quarrying, as well as in activities in the area of engineering, geology and geodesy and the provision of technical advisory services in these branches.

The company was founded in 2015 in the Town of Ovruch in the Zhytomyr Region, when in Ukraine it was first spoken about real steps in the legalization of the amber market and prospects for rebuilding this branch.

Today, Right Solution has three special permits for geological study and research-and-commercial development of amber deposits in the northern districts of Zhytomyr Region on an area of ​​over 5.5 thousand hectares. Upon completion of the research of the subsurface resources and defending of research-and-commercial development, the company will submit documents for obtaining a licence for the extraction of amber in the prospected areas.
We are convinced that amber should become Ukraine’s brand on the world market, because Ukraine has huge resources and should get rid of its reputation of just a country of amber mining or of a raw materials. Therefore, the main idea of ​​Right Solution is not only amber mining, but also processing of the stone and sales of finished products in Ukraine and abroad.