As a socially responsible enterprise, Right Solution is working on implementation of a number of projects for the development of the Zhytomyr Region


First of all, it’s infrastructure, construction of the power plant n and creation of jobs. Our company is engaged in geological study with research-and-commercial development of amber subsurface resources, and this will provide up to 180 jobs in the Olevsk District and up to 100 jobs in the Ovruch District.
In the long term, Right Solution means creation of a large industrial enterprise, and hence the continuous growth of employment of the local population by several times, as well as the construction and improvement of roads, the opening of kindergartens and the creation of comfortable living conditions for the inhabitants.

The second important project for the company is land reclamation. The work of illegal amber miners has lead to catastrophic consequences for the flora, fauna and microclimate in the region, which affects the groundwater acidity. There is a list containing 2046 sites requiring reclamation, and among them there are 195 sites within the territory of the Zhytomyr Region. Therefore, Right Solution will work on reclamation of damaged lands. Also, the implementation of this project will stop illegal re-extraction of amber in the re-cultivated areas of the forest.
We, as investors, shall bear responsibility for our work.